Dog Days…


Wake up. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Leave for school. School. Extra-curriculars. Go home. Dinner. Homework. Video games. Sleep. Repeat.

For many high school students and families, this is life for 9 months of the year. From the middle of August to the end of May, this routine is just that, a routine. We get into the habit, the ritual, the pattern, and I hope and pray we are able to find space for God in the midst of that hustle and bustle. Maybe we include devotions in our morning routine before school. Some of us may have family devotions at dinner. Many might read our Bible and pray before we go to bed. These things make it into our daily life and become a habit during those 9 months.

Then we’re thrown off course by a little thing called summer.

All routine goes out the window. Alarms are silenced. Bedtimes are pushed back. Each day looks a little bit different. Just as our life patterns fall by the wayside, often our time with God gets lost as well.

As the dog days of summer approach, I encourage and challenge you to begin thinking about intentional ways to spend time with Jesus each day. I tell our students on a regular basis: time with God through Scripture and prayer is essential EVERY DAY. This is how we grow in our faith! This is how God speaks to us! These are necessary for a life with Christ.

How might you find time in your summer schedule to spend time with God? Think about your summer. What do you have planned? Vacations? Summer camp? Sports or academic camps? Sitting on your couch for hours on end? Sleeping all day? God wants to be in those things!

Life with God does not stop during the summer. He wants to permeate our life 24/7, 365 days a year. Begin to think critically now about what that might look like for you and your family this summer. Know I am praying for you and believe in you!

Be a blessing today,



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