2 Timothy 3…Family Follow Up

2 Timothy Series..

Hello parents! Tonight we continued our 4 week series on the book of 2 Timothy.

Each week I want to provide you with some follow-up questions you can talk about as a family. I trust my leaders wholeheartedly and know the conversation on Wednesday night will be great, but I also want to partner with you as you disciple your students! So here goes….

Tonight we were in 2 Timothy 3. I’d encourage you to read it first and then talk about some questions with your student:

  • Paul talks about misdirected love. Which misdirected love to you lean toward? Do you feel drawn to love of self, love of money, or love of pleasure? Why?
    • Be honest with your student and share your misdirected love as well! This can be a great place to be vulnerable and share personal stories that can teach and encourage your student.
  • Knowing what Paul says about Scripture, how does that encourage you? Does it raise any questions for you about the Bible?

I hope your conversation is fulfilling and rich! Praying for you all this week.

Be a blessing today,



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